E55 is Easywith’s experience design studio that offers desired experiences in various fields through creative ideas and artwork. To Easywith, light is paint, and every space is a canvas. We value the harmony of message delivery based on visual experiences and offer moments that go beyond mere observation to create something novel. 


Immersive Media Contents


Date  2022.08
Client  JMOCA
Project Manager  Park Jaehong, Kim Minjeong
Director  Kim Yongshin
Lead Artist 
Hong Sookyeong
Lee Jeonghwan, Lee Jaeu
Interaction Developer 
Ryou Yeonji

Sound  Ha Reem

이지위드가 제주현대미술관에 김보희 작가의 작품을 디지털 화면으로 전환한 실감미디어아트를 진행하여 보다 생동감 있게 연출하였습니다. 전시 제목 the Days는 우리가 지내온 그날들, 지금 만나는 나날들로서 어떤 존재들의 특별한 시간을 뜻함으로 우리가 존재하는 한, 우리 각자에게 의미 있는 그날들이라는 메시지를 담아 연출하였습니다.

Easywith digitalized artist Bo-hui Kim’s works and displayed them onto screens for a realistic exhibition at the Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art. The title of the exhibit was the Days, which expressed a message of reminiscing about the moments that have passed us by and the moments that we face day by day, conveying how special they are individually to each of us as we exist.