Data Visualization


Date  2019
Client  Hyudai Department
Project Manager  Park Suyeon
Art Director  Yang Min Ha

SPIEGEL PILLAR is an Interactive Smart Mirror Pillar Installation located in Seoul, South Korea ‘Hyundai Department Store (Gangnam World Trade Center)’. Hyundai Department Store (Gangnam World Trade Center) have been planning on a new space that lets the customers experience the new brand and get rid of the old image that was accumulated for over 20 years of time and therefore SPIEGEL PILLAR is designed as a multi-functional medium to meet these needs. SPIEGEL PILLAR is placed on the surfaces of the pillars that is facing the first floor escalator. As pillars become a role of attention of the center of the space if someone encounters the medium, this could fully represent the Hyundai Department Store’s identity.
SPIEGEL PILLAR contains three contents that the customers will experience. Sense-able Mirror mode which shows interactive contents based on gesture reconization, Info-Graphics mode which provides real-time information, and AD mode which displays newly opened brands’ advertisements. By mixing the material having a reflective surface and multi-dimensional complex medium in one structure, SPIEGEL PILLAR can provide the new way of experience that interact with the customers.