E55 is Easywith’s experience design studio that offers desired experiences in various fields through creative ideas and artwork. To Easywith, light is paint, and every space is a canvas. We value the harmony of message delivery based on visual experiences and offer moments that go beyond mere observation to create something novel. 


Immersive Media Contents


Date  2022.10
Client  Hyundai Futurenet
Project Manager  Lee Sora
Director  Choi Junwon

포켓몬 진화의 근원인 대자연의 모습을 담은 실감형 미디어 아트를 진행하였습니다.
틀에 박힌 일상 속에서 잠시 잊고 있었던 포켓몬의 순수한 세계로 시간 여행을 떠납니다.

This was an immersive media art exhibit that carried with it nature, the origin of all Pokemon lore then and now.
Leave the conventional world behind for a moment and journey into the pure innocent world of the Pokemons.