E55 is Easywith’s experience design studio that offers desired experiences in various fields through creative ideas and artwork. To Easywith, light is paint, and every space is a canvas. We value the harmony of message delivery based on visual experiences and offer moments that go beyond mere observation to create something novel. 


Media Theme Park


Date  2022.07
Client  DCCO
Project Manager  Park Suyeon
Director  Choi Junwon
Lead Artist  Lee Heewon
Artist  Choi Seulgi, Kim Junhyuk
Interaction Developer 
Lee Heejung, So Sujin

어둠이 내리면 새로운 세계로 안내하는 ‘차원의 문’이 열리고, 요정 ‘심비’의 흔적을 따라 12개의 마법 같은 공간이 이어진다.

When night falls, the “Dimensional Gate” opens to lead people to a new world with 12 magical spaces led by traces of the fairy ‘Simby’.