E55 is Easywith’s experience design studio that offers desired experiences in various fields through creative ideas and artwork. To Easywith, light is paint, and every space is a canvas. We value the harmony of message delivery based on visual experiences and offer moments that go beyond mere observation to create something novel. 


Data Visualization


Date  2017.05
Client  NC soft
Project Manager  Kim Heeeun
Director  Yang Minha 
Choi Junwon, Baek Daehyeon, Kang Jiwon
Origin, Coexistence  

MEDIA PLATFORM 에서는 NCsoft 의 축적된 빅데이터를 활용, 프로그래밍을 통해 시각화하고, 이를 바탕으로 모션 그래픽 VFX 제작기법을 결합하여 관람자의 집중과 적극적인 참여를 유도할 수 있는 Generative Digital Art를 구현하였습니다.  로비의 휴게 공간에서는 NC가 창조한 IP의 세계관을 활용하여, 가상에서만 존재하는것이 아닌 ‘또 다른 이야기’, ‘또 하나의 세상’이라는 평행세계관에서 영감을 받아, 현실세계와 공존하는 게임 속 세상을 다양한 기법을 활용하여 Generative Digital Art 콘텐츠를 제작하였습니다.

This is a generative digital art where the media platform incorporates NCSOFT’s accumulated big data, further visualized through programming. Based on this, motion graphics VFX were used to encourage visitors to focus and interact with the exhibit. At the lobby rest area, the IP world views created by NCSOFT were used, and we were inspired by the parallel world views of “another story” and “another world.” The generative digital art showcases the game world that exists within the real world.