E55 is Easywith’s experience design studio that offers desired experiences in various fields through creative ideas and artwork. To Easywith, light is paint, and every space is a canvas. We value the harmony of message delivery based on visual experiences and offer moments that go beyond mere observation to create something novel. 


Immersive Media Contents


Date  2023.03
Client  Gyeongju National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage
Project Manager  Kim Gwangrae
Director  Choi Junwon
Choi Daesik, Choi Junwon 

5C 신라 왕경 숲에서 당시 자연환경을 경험하고, 출토된 유물들을 통해 신라인들의 일상과 생활 의식을 이해하며 실감 콘텐츠 기술을 이용한 보다 생생한 신라 초기 역사를 체험할 수 있습니다.

Experience the recreated forest of Wanggyeong, 5th century Shilla Dynasty, and immersively witness the lifestyles of the early Shilla people and their living consciousness using artifacts discovered.