Data Visualization


Date  2020.03
Client  Samsung, Cheil Worldwide
Project Manager  Lee Jihun, Kim Sooyeon
Creative  Yoo Jonghee, Ma Jungmin
Art Director  Yang Min Ha
Artist  Kang Jiwon
Creative Coding 
Noh Jaehyeong, Yang Min Ha, Lee Eul, Cho Yeongsang

The “Infinity Tower” was installed at the new Samsung Electronics premium brand shop at Gwanggyo Galleria, a landmark department store in South Korea, in 2020. It is a 20-metre-high, transparent LED pillar that stretches across three floors, which offers real-time visualised data of the local weather and time, incorporating rain, wind and cloud real-time flow data from a satellite. The raw data is used to create beautiful, flowing imagery based on an algorithm designed by creative technologists. The tower also displays the time of day, the season of the year and even the changes of the moon. The visualisations are not only of artistic value, but also has a commercial dimension as it can blend data content with lifestyle events such as Christmas or weddings.