Immersive Media Contents


Date  2023.05
Client  Asia Culture Center
Project Manager  Park Sooyeon, Ji Yaesun
Contents & UX Designer  Kim Bogyeong
Park Seoyeon
Lead Artist  Kang Jiwon
Roh Hani, Hwang Jiyoung, Jung Jinhee, Beak Juhee,
Kim Cheaha
Interaction Developer  Lee Heejoong, Lee Dongyoung, Lee Genie, Lee Minseok
Solution Developer  Kim Hyunsu

H/W Production  Lim Byungchul, Kim Jongho
Interior Designer  Kim Butae, Choo Yulim
Sound  Ha Reem

국립아시아문화전당 복합 전시관에 '몰입미감'을 제목으로 한 융복합콘텐츠를 제작 및 전시 개최하였습니다. 아시아 근대미술 회화 작품을 생동감 있는 비주얼아트 콘텐츠로 창작하여, 관람객들이 작품 속에 몰입하여 새로운 예술경험을 하도록 연출하였습니다. 개화기 한국 근대미술을 미디어아트로 표현한 1부의 영상관을 중심으로, 라이팅 인스톨레이션, 인터렉션 체험관, AI 포토존 등 다양한 융복합콘텐츠를 제작하였습니다.

Convergence contents titled 'Aesthetic Immersion' were produced and exhibited at the Asia Culture Center complex exhibition hall. Asian modern art paintings were created as lively visual art contents, so that visitors can immerse themselves in the artwork and experience art in a new way. Centered on the video exhibition hall of Chapter 1, which expressed modern Korean art during the enlightenment period as media art, various convergence contents such as lighting installation, interaction experience hall, and AI photo zone were produced.